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Invoice Financing

Reduce supply chain risk by offering early payment on supplier’s invoices

Kyriba’s Supply Chain Finance is a collaborative platform that manages invoices through early payments, from onboarding your suppliers to the program, to the analysis of financing results through the reporting dashboard.

As a native, integrated extension of Kyriba’s Treasury Cloud, Kyriba Supply Chain Finance enables organizations to manage their own cash while supporting their vendors’ working capital requirements and reducing the risk of supplier disruption due to illiquidity.

Kyriba offers two supplier financing solutions with differing sources of financing available: dynamic discounting uses corporates’ own excess cash and liquidity, and reverse factoring leverages external funding sources.

Features of Kyriba’s Supply Chain Finance solution:

  • Supports Reverse Factoring and Dynamic Discounting
  • Auto-financing or selection by invoice
  • ERP integration
  • Tailored buyer and supplier portals
  • Supplier onboarding tools
  • Comprehensive reporting, dashboards, and analytics


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